What is an Entrepreneur?

In the field of political economies, entrepreneurship is the process of identifying an opportunity and starting a business venture, organizing and souring the resources, taking all the risks and rewards involved. Entrepreneurship may not only result in a new organization, but also in the revitalization of a mature business as a response to perceived opportunities. In the following article we will discuss what is an entrepreneur and what is his role in an organization.

What is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a person who manages and organizes a business, assuming the risks for the profits. An entrepreneur sees and opportunity, then makes a plan to start the business, manages it and receives the profits. This person sees an opportunity no other fully recognizes and meets an unsatisfied demand or improves an existing business. Entrepreneurs believe that through hard work and commitment, this opportunity can be made real. The skepticism of experts does not discourage them, although they are willing to weight all advice and use it. Moreover, an entrepreneur understands that in order to achieve a goal, he needs a teem and knows how to choose talents and inspire them.

What is the difference between a leader and a manager?

While a leader worries about the people, a manager worries about the boss. Leaders are those in the front row showing employees the right way. They lift the heavy boxes first and paint the fence better than the crows watching them, making a crowd member pick up the brush also. They stay involved in the process and don’t gather to watch others, unless they are comparing and learning. They are the first ones in and last ones out, working on the system. Managers work in the system and never quit a job unless they find on that is better. A leader demands a fair salary, but they will work hard and long if they have to, even if the manager sends them home before overtime rules kick in. But what is an entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is the person who knows that you need to be both a leader and a manager, although they start with being a leader.

What is the difference between accounting and finance?

One is a tool with leverage that puts the world at your feet, while the other is a method with scrutiny that keeps the IRS away from your business. While accounting finds the cost of money, finance finds the money at all costs by using statistics and predictive analytics. By using bookkeeping, accounting keep track of success and makes reports for the finance department. Finance discovers counter-recessionary trends when accounting only hears that a recession is taking place. But what is an entrepreneur? An entrepreneur practices and hires both finance and accounting, although he pays much less for an accountant.

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