Ways your company can give back in 2018

Companies offer the world products and services. This is a shame taking into consideration that they have a lot more to offer. Businesses are in the position of advocating for honorable causes and help the community. The problem is that most of them don’t even think about giving back. Why? Probably because these companies are preoccupied with making a profit. This is certainly not the case for you. Unlike others, you value philanthropic initiatives. It’s a good thing that you’ve understood your responsibility as a corporation. Here are some ideas you might not have thought about doing.

Let the employees pick a cause  

There are so many worthy causes to support that it’s hard to make a choice. How is an entrepreneur supposed to choose a cause to support? Well, you can find something that feels personal to you. Take the example of Moshe Kantor. The renowned entrepreneur supports causes that he is passionate about, such as arts and culture. Do your research and seek a personal connection. Better yet, let your employees pick a cause. The best ideas on how to give back to the community always come directly from the staff members. So, involve them in the decision-making process. You won’t regret it.

Offer services pro bono  

Generally, people offer pro bono services when they need to build experience. You’ve been in business for quite some time, so you don’t need to build a reputation. What people say about you opens doors. That may be so, but you should still offer pro bono services. Help non-profit organizations. They need all the help you can get, more often than not operating on a very tight budget. Why not do a good deed? Look for areas where your company can be of service. Lend a helping hand. Commit yourself to at least 50 hours of pro bono work annually. Not only will you do some good, but you’ll lower your tax base.

Become a sponsor

Sponsoring is a great way to support the community. Do you know how many organizations struggle to address and raise financial support for issues like mental health? Chances are that you don’t. Choose to support organizations that focus on children and their families. Dr. Kantor does it and so can you. By helping, you prove to the world that you’re ethical and reliable. Clients, customers, and business partners will think highly of you. Most importantly, you can improve employee relationships. Individuals care about volunteering and raising money for charity, but they rarely have the time to do these things. Activities like volunteering provide them the chance to help others and get to know one another. Why should you care if workers have close connections? Because they are more productive, that is why.

Giving back is anything but difficult. When a company helps within the community, the community offers something in return. In other words, it becomes a mutually beneficial relationship. If you haven’t understood that by now, there isn’t hope that you ever will.   

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