Is marketing still relevant for accountants?


The relationship between better numbers and marketing is oftentimes underestimated, and unfortunately, by those who are great with numbers: accountants. The digital age has changed the way in which companies and freelancers advertise their work and expertise, and it demands from everybody involved in any type of business to adapt their marketing strategy in such a manner to boost their potential – and their numbers, as a result. Below we have some of the wittiest approaches that can be applied by accountants all over the world, whether we are speaking of freelancers or accounting companies as entities.

1. Marketing seminars will teach you the best approach

Truth be told, many of the marketing seminars available on the market nowadays are a total waste of time and money. However, several entities, like are able to deliver incredible results for all attendants in terms of better marketing approaches and measurable results. Such companies deliver pre-established marketing strategies and offer an exact blue print of what a great marketing strategy looks like for accountants. Moreover, if the seminar is held by a truly professional coach, with proven experience and expertise in the field, the results will be more than measurable for everybody. Keep in mind that choosing the same seminar as your competition is not always a great idea, so you might want to pay attention to this aspect when enrolling in such seminars. Choose a seminar that is more selective with the attendees and you will be just fine. Also, the information presented in these seminars should be complex and relevant for your field, from how to pick the best strategy based on your needs and the costs involved and how to avoid the markets’ supra saturation in terms of marketing strategies, these should all be present in the seminar.

2. Marketing will make your services known on the market

If you or your company activates in a highly competitive environment, you should definitely consider a better marketing strategy. This will make your services pop up from the crowd and will increase your job opportunities incredibly. Digital marketing became a more and more popular marketing approach and it provides increased visibility on the online environment for those implementing such approaches. Building an online presentation website for your services, creating social media accounts will certainly help with increasing your visibility on the market, and so will building a great network. For instance, many prefer using LinkedIn as a networking tool, being highly appropriate to advertise your work and finding new job opportunities.

3. Learning how to advertise yourself will save you from hidden fees

Learning how to advertise yourself will save you plenty of money because you won’t have to worry about hidden fees. In the case of marketing agencies, there is a small fee for everything, the price for their services being ultimately incredibly high. So, instead of relying on such services, you could learn to manage this yourself.

These are some ways in which investing in marketing strategies and learning those yourself will help you highlight your services on the local market.

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