Business card trends you should not ignore this year


The business card is one of the most important tools used in promoting a company, because it includes the contact details of the firm. When you leave an important meeting with possible partners you have only one chance to close the deal, you offer them your business card and wait for them to contact you and see if they are interested to collaborate with you. The business card of a company is the reflection of who the people who manage it are. With a great business card, you have the possibility to make a good first impression, but with a unique one you can help people remember what firm you represent. If you have different business cards for different employees, then you should make sure that every one of them is stunning and it represents the firm. Keep in mind that you compete on the market with the other companies that offer the same services and products as you do, so if you want to draw people’s attention you should share them your vision of the firm.

Simple designs for unique cards

When you design business cards, keep in view that their main purpose is to inform clients and possible partners about your business and to offer them your contact details. If you prefer a simple design then the people who receive it are able to focus on the important details, as the email address, website, phone number and name of the company. It is important to not have on the card elements that can divert the reader. This year is all about minimalist designs, Kiasu Print is a source of inspiration for the ones who want sophisticated cards. For maximum impact create a company logo and include it in the design of the card.

Business cards should include branding elements

It is crucial to create a simple business card because you have to display all the contact details of your company, on a small piece of paper. The recipients should recognise the elements that represent your brand, as the colour, the logo and other marketing elements you have been using. This year the designers have promoted a trend that requires you to keep the images, logo and other symbols of the company in the background.

Big typeface for drawing attention

The trend that dominates business card creation this year is big typeface. It has the power to draw attention to the name of the firm and many companies have opted for this variant lately. Use a single colour in the background, as the examples from here, and make sure that the writing keeps the same line as the one you have been used for other marketing materials.

Smart symbols and puns

If you want to create a unique model, then you should include smart lines in the design. They have the power to evoke excitement and to draw attention. The symbols will complement the design of the card and they will highlight the message of your brand. Pick wisely the puns or symbols, because they share the values of your business.


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