Business vehicle leasing vs. buying: what should you choose?

Business vehicle leasing vs. buying: what should you choose?   Undoubtedly, business owners who benefit from a reliable vehicle can run their business more efficiently, save money and even increase their profits. However, most of them face a difficult choice, which refers to buying or leasing the car. Obviously, choosing the less expensive variant represents the main goal of any person but an entrepreneur has a bigger responsibility, which is to ensure the functionality and evolution of a company. If you fall into the same category, be aware because sometimes people end up over-analyzing things and this represents a mistake that could impede you to make a quick and objective decision. First, you should decide on the type of vehicle that best suits your needs and preferences. This means that you have to explore many options available on the market while taking into account an expert opinion. For instance, Edmunds says the 2018 Kia Sorento  deserves your full attention. Consider your intentions on the long term Returning to the grand debate on buying or leasing a company vehicle, you should ask yourself certain important questions before reaching an accurate conclusion. These questions involve the amount of time you plan to use the car and the size of your budget. If you intend to keep the vehicle for no more than three years and you do not want to make a great financial commitment, then leasing represents the most convenient variant because you will not significantly affect the value of the car. On the other hand, if you intend to use the vehicle for many years and you beneficiate from a generous budget, then buying may advantage you more. Furthermore, regardless of your decision, you cannot evade taxes so you might as well think this aspect though before making a choice. Controlling the mileage is crucial for tax deductions, but if some else will be driving the car then you do not have the guarantee that the respective person will pay attention to this detail. Answer these important questions Other questions for which you should provide clear and straightforward answers before making the long-awaited choice involve maintenance cost and depreciation rate. For instance, if you are planning to lease the vehicle, then you also have to spend money on regular maintenance referring to professional inspections, tire rotations and oil changes. The maintenance cost does not disappear even if you plan to buy the vehicle. The types of vehicle as...

Tax preparation 101 – Follow these rules for an amazing result

  Not all taxpayers are organized with their papers and this may prevent a good outcome from the whole process, even if you hire the most skilful accountant out there. A shoebox of receipts will only make their duties difficult, and your life considerably harder. Below we have some tips and tricks that will help you and your accountant as well in order to have a pleasant experience while preparing your taxes. Be a good client to your accountant Most taxpayers are incredibly disorganized with their taxes, papers and receipts. Most accountants advise their clients to organize their taxes by year, in separate files, in order to make everybody’s life and jobs easier. It’s not their duty to arrange your papers. Do the same with the papers for tax return. Tax preparation is all about this. It could be a simple organizer, a plastic file, whatever you like. But don’t throw all the taxes in your accountant’s lap in March and expect to have everything in order by April. Keep in mind that when you place a shoebox filled with papers in your accountant’s face, they won’t be willing to collaborate with you. It’s common sense, and as much as you may be tempted to do so, try and organize your files as a professional. Unless you arrange certain terms with your accountant, which include paper organizing on their part, you can’t expect them to accept a job like this. All paperwork should be given at once Sending your paperwork to your accountant or tax preparer piece by piece isn’t advisable, claim the specialists at However, you can do this if you have all the paperwork except a piece or two. Simply inform your tax preparer and attach a note to your file. This will make them remember that you still have to send a small piece of evidence. If you don’t notify your accountant or tax preparer, they will lose important time trying to find it and this is just not something polite to do. Communicate with your tax preparer throughout the year If you don’t communicate with your tax preparer, and show up in march with last year’s financial activity, they can’t do much for you. In many cases, there appear issues throughout the year, issues with which a tax preparer might be able to help you solve. Because of this reason, constant communication with your...

Waste disposal regulations for business

  All business owners activating on UK territory must follow some very strict regulations when it comes to waste management. These regulations are compressed in The EU Waste Framework Directive, and it concerns regulations regarding the waste collection process, transportation, recovery and disposal, as all these are an essential part of every company’s activity, regardless of the industry in which it activates. You can always learn more about waste management for business, if you discuss this matter with an expert in the field. Below we have some regulations in force, presented in a simplified manner. Waste management responsibilities for all businesses on UK territory The framework presents each company’s responsibilities in terms of prevention, sorting and storing waste, waste transfer and elimination. As for businesses’ duties to prevent waste, the framework clearly states each business must put all reasonable efforts into reusing, recycling and recovering waste. They must also make sure that the waste disposal vendor with which they collaborate is registered as has all the necessary licenses in order to activate. Moreover, they should make sure that waster carriers are always disposing of the waste in a responsible and legal fashion. What is considered to be business waste? All debris and waste that emerges from an enterprises’ activity are considered business waste. Some of the businesses that generate incredible amounts of waste are businesses that activate in the following sectors: demolition, construction, agriculture and the manufacturing industry. However, even businesses whose activity doesn’t involve processing or manufacturing steps, such as office buildings, generate incredible amounts of waste. Luckily, the waste generated by those can be easily recycled, consisting of paper and cardboard, mainly. Waste sorting and storing regulations for businesses Of course, soring and storage for the waste generated by businesses is an important rule to follow by all enterprises. In order to follow all those rules, it might be best to discuss with your waste removal company and ask them for some suggestions. Some great ideas would be to: Use appropriate containers for all waste types; Separate the waste generated by your company; Label containers clearly, so confusions won’t appear; In the rainy UK weather, covering the containers with waterproof covers is advisable, in order to prevent soil contamination. Manage the waste transfer process appropriately In order to make sure that the process is appropriately followed, you want to make sure to deal with the waste transfer...

How to streamline payroll processing

  Your business wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for employees. Employees are the lifeblood of your company and, consequently, you have to reward them for their work performance.  The fact is that managing wages isn’t as simple as it may look. It’s necessary to acquire time information for a certain period of time, determine rewards and deductions, and, last but not least, pay the workers. You’ll be surprised to hear that many enterprises struggle when it comes to payroll processing. The reason for this is that the process is tedious and complex.  The good news is that there are many ways in which you can streamline payroll processing. Read on to learn our tips. Hire a certified public accountant You want to simplify payroll processing, don’t you? If so, you should take into account the possibility of hiring a certified public accountant. Click here for an accountancy firm: Do you really need one? Yeah, you do. If there’s anyone who can help you with payroll and record keeping, that someone is a CPA. What the trained professional does is take care of salaries. Basically, the certified public accountant ensures that employees are paid, that is, that their work has been valued. The expert takes care of everything from wages to commissions and taxes. Your organization needs such a skilled, knowledgeable person. No matter if you have limited financial resources, hire a CPA. You won’t regret the decision. Implement paperless payroll processing Is your business still using time sheets and physical paychecks? If the answer is yes, then you should definitely go paperless. Not only will you be doing the environment a really big favor, but also you will simplify things within the organization. The best thing that you can do for your company is to take advantage of technology innovations. So, adopt an online portal system already. The records will be kept in the cloud, which is the reason why you needn’t worry. The important documentation will be safe, even if the computers happen to break down. When you have an online portal system in place, you can pay salaries without even handing a check. Everything is done electronically. Make use of reminders When payroll processing is concerned, it’s a good idea to use reminders. It’s important for you to remember key dates. If you don’t have a great memory, then you need to set reminders. Nowadays,...

Great marketing ideas for the holiday season

Great marketing ideas for the holiday season The holiday season is here, and this means that you have to find some innovative ways of advertising your business in order to fit the new atmosphere. And luckily, there are plenty of effective ways of advertising your business during this time, and many may say that these approaches are some witty approaches that will help you increase your sales and customer engagement levels. And as the Halloween is long behind us, consider Christmas-themed approaches. Keep reading to find out some amazing ideas. Christmas-printed promotional merchandise Maybe one of the greatest approaches out there is sending personalised corporate gifts to your collaborators and clients. This will make them remember you, your company, services and products. Seasonal gifts are an essential part of your marketing campaign, a clear sign that you care about and think of your clients and collaborators. These types of gifts have multiple marketing purposes, some of the most important being: Increase customer loyalty. Given the fact that these gifts are designed to show the appreciation your business has for all clients and customers, these small bits and pieces will certainly promote and increase the levels of customer loyalty; Bring a fresh breath to your marketing campaign. Not all businesses can bring a funnier, more playful approach in their marketing campaigns, but during the holiday season, these types of products are the norm; Fit perfectly into the Christmas spirit. Being free gifts for your customers and partners, this type of promotional merchandise fits perfectly in the whole Christmas atmosphere of sharing and gifting various items. Before ordering your company’s merchandise, make sure to find a reliable company able to deliver extraordinary products, with a clean and appropriate design for the type of company that you run. Instagram is the place where Christmas ads are born Given the nature of this platform, companies, regardless of their profile and activity field can take advantage of the incredible resources it has and develop suitable ads for this holiday. Many clients are already there, sharing the Christmas spirit with their loved ones, and by doing the same, your company will be able to reach closer to them. Seek some advice in terms of Instagram ads, and boost your approach in such a manner to increase your profits organically while using it. If you are unfamiliar with this platform, you will be amazed by the potential that it has in terms of...
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